Speech on shark finning essay

Sharks are the apex predators and are at the top of the marine ecosystem. Sharks are very beneficial to us, why do people keep on harming them Sadly, a study by Queiroz and colleagues in December suggests that this could well have been the case.

It is hard for sharks to repopulate because of the way they reproduce. Attention getter: Every year, on average, 10 people are killed by sharks, yet every second 3 sharks are killed by humans.

Following the dive, one of the operators told us that some of the sharks we had dived with today would probably end up on the deck of a fishing boat next week.

Researchers estimate that bytwenty species of sharks will become extinct because of overfishing Recent scientists and nutritionists say that the shark fins do not have much nutritional value, and may in fact, be harmful due to high levels of mercury Pellissier.

pros of shark finning

Sharks have a low birth rate, and most sharks only have 1 to 5 babies their whole lifetime. Lovely islands, lush with forests and wildlife on the islands, but underneath the islands is really were all the magic is. Keith Bradsher June. Wasting unused resources is not the only point to see how environmental-unfriendly the shark finning industry is.

Woo, Joyce September.

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Persuasive Speech : Shark Finning Essays