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These objectivescan be implemented through various means. There are many schools of thought and all of them have common themes, we will not be able to explore all of them due to the constraints of word count but we will seek to provide a variety of options and how they share many common traits Section one, describes in detail the various components that are involved with project procurement management.

Ethical procurement and supply

In this exchange, a party trades a contract or payment for actual product, service or work of another party. It is important to satisfy need and want. Internal scrutiny Internal scrutiny is transparency within the UN, such as examination conducted by internal auditors. Explain the elements of the procurement cycle and assess its significance to the role of a purchasing manager ". Procurement guidelines: a Goods and services shall be procured under and in accordance with NHS guidelines and provisions outlining the functioning and operation of such procedures. Section two, summarizes the major project procurement processes, which the Project Management Institute PMI view as appropriate for successful execution of projects The study was not used correlations to see how variable like gender, education and experience affects ethical practices of public procurement officers rather it only assesses their ethics with the general selected principles of public procurement. In order to secure the consent of the selected participants, the researcher relayed all important details of the study, including its aim and purpose. Therefore, even if there is skilled man power in the area there also a need for additional training and education to make qualified and competent officers. Not all societies have the same standards or traditions about what is proper and what is not. For the payment of these products, usually manager pays in every last month to make effective and efficient in the process of purchasing by using check Therefore, this indicating that there is a serious corruption problem in Ethiopia. As a result, this study employed both qualitative and quantitative data and it analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively.

However, simply following what the law states does not always constitute ethical behavior. So many factors have U.

The code should very explicitly prohibit bribery and not talk around it Business ethics and social responsibility, Therefore, procurement officers and assistants must always conduct themselves in such a way that any scrutiny would not damage the UN or its leaders, member organizations, staff, or programmes.

Ethical sourcing and procurement definition

Therefore, it is used as a tool for the management of public procurement practices. There is an exception though, in cases where the contractor or vendor is the last providing the service for the Government. As UNDOC explained that due to this huge amount involved in public purchasing, that makes procurement prone to corruption. Because of public procurement has a great portion governments budget; it needs careful attention especially the persons who runs the so-called public procurement officials. Politics, religion, ethnicity, gender, and age carry no weight in personnel a dministration in the agency being directed or served. Based on the data obtained from 16 procurement officers, the result indicated that only procurementused as an economic policy, by giving preference for small and micro enterprises. It is also essential that gifts of gratitude are not accepted, as these gifts may cloud our judgment in future dealings with a particular vendor. Any unethical behavior will have a negative impact on the brand image of the organization Procurement professionals experience enormous pressure from internal and external forces to act in unethical ways as they usually have control over large sums of money. Therefore, this indicating that there is a serious corruption problem in Ethiopia. In addition, Ethiopia also spends more than 60 percent of public expenditures for procurement of goods and services Tesfahun, The Government has to ensure that a company winning a contract is in compliance with our Governments Equal Opportunity policies. These suppliers usually deliver the products to the business 3 three times a week to keep maintaining the stocks. However, we must ask ourselves what is logistics management in the sense that is understood today The aerospace and defense sector is an example. A major contributor behind this development has been the evolution of the procurement function towards an additional strategic role in supporting both, company goals and supply chain objectives.

The Director understands the role and size of the operation and their importance to the company and the company 's products. Procuring goods and services is a larger process than just the label price of wine; the process to buy those items includes major organizational costs, often accounting for half of the product price.

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The choice of procurement procedure is a crucial factor in the procurement process. Numerous case studies have shown that automation of procedures for the purchase through e-procurement technology enables companies to achieve a reduction in costs.

Unethical procurement practices

There are two degrees of transparency: internal scrutiny external scrutiny. This is also may be an indication of public procurement still a neglected area in our country, which might facilitate unethical practices of public procurement officers due to lack of knowledge and little consideration of the discipline. Nor does it guarantee that the right thing to do will be obvious. In case of any information which is unclear so be discussed with relevant officer without making uninformed decisions which may cost the organization. So when companies use to procure their goods and services the main thing was to cut a purchase order and get that item or services delivered. The guide made available online by the United Nations is a case in point, and interesting background reading for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the subject. Due to the nature of the data collection tool, the collected data through questionnaire from both suppliers and procurement officers became slightly different however, the researcher tried to collect adequate information through interviews for suppliers, secondary data and observation on procurement officers to make the data meaningful and to generate reliable and valid findings. Based on the data obtained from 16 procurement officers, the result indicated that only procurementused as an economic policy, by giving preference for small and micro enterprises. Being ethical means being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice, especially the standards of a profession. This assures that all contractors and their companies are fairly treated when being considered for a contract. Lars et, al , further elaborates that Public procurement ethics is not only related to bribes and gift giving from supplier to public procurement officials but also includes suppliers practices related to their sourcing strategy.

The Project Manager will notify any change to the project team members verbally and by email. How procurement handles itself and its activities set the tone for all the events that follow, right up to the final delivery of goods and services to the end-customer.

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