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They will need to perform assessments, develop oral care plans, and identify preventions and strategies to eliminate any potential problems. Thomas King participates in this movement through the form that Helen Tiffin identifies as "the processes of artistic and literary decolonization [which] have involved a radical dismantling of European codes and a postcolonial subversion and appropriation of the dominant European discourses" 17 by publishing his postmodern novel Green Grass, Running Water Now Native Americans are reclaiming their culture and heritage.

With reference to the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns, the author has not only successively and effectively discussed the culture of the Afghanistans, but has also brought out the rivalry between traditional and modern cultures Politics ] Strong Essays Storytelling - Storytelling continues to be an integral part of Native American culture, providing us with an understanding of what was important to the Native Americans.

Relevance of oral literature

From the aforementioned it can be deduced that oral tradition has indeed contributed to the shaping of Bantu society and its practices. It is known that some died when colonization occurred, that some fought the United States government, and that they can be boiled down to just another school mascot. Poor oral health has been linked to serious systemic illnesses including diabetes mellitus, stroke, hypertension, myocardial infarction and aspiration pneumonia Dyck et al. This means things could have been otherwise; things do not have to be the way they are. It was Ferenc Liszt's monumental error to state that Gypsy music is the creation of gypsies. Also a belief or story or a relating to the past that are commonly accepted. Good oral communicators are generally more comfortable in difficult situations, which everyone will certainly encounter multiple times during their working and personal lives. The oral experience differs from the visual experience of reading the poem because the oral experience uses word flow and the sounds of the words to add to the meaning of the poem.

Thus they had to find other ways of expression, mainly story telling and songs. Traditionally fasting preoperatively has been mandatory to prevent any risks related to aspiration during anesthesia.

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For the majority, oral histories are seen as beneficial because they allow for a unique perspective in historical records that readers do not usually get a sense of in a basic textbook

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