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Thus antagonising Tybalt and giving him the final push for a brawl when Romeo appears. The Prologue also informs us about the Montagues and Capulets dislike for each other. Laurence Friar reveals ambiguity, helping Romeo and forcing the couple to suffer in the end. The families have been sworn enemies for generations they are wealthy, powerful and often violent. Mercutio responds to this in an unexpected manner. It is written from the beginning that these young, defenseless star-crossed lovers are marked by inevitable death. It still was a fate. You get a good example of Mercutio being comical in act1 scene 4, when Mercutio is out side Capulet's house trying to cheer up Romeo because of his love sickness They adore familiar relationships that simply contrast ordinary affairs. Not only appealing to one class of audience members but to all with his different attributes. Their friendship strengthens the choices made by the main characters.

His strong sense of humour often turns into bawdy innuendos; "open arse and thou a poperin pear," as he teases Romeo the romantic Shakespeare message stays good and evil.

The way these two themes are used helps to make this a more interesting story as it allows for two different plots.

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In Queen Mab's case people do have different dreams of the things they want, but the imaginative part is that Queen Mab sends these dreams to people. Mercutio brings humour and wit to the play which engages the audience. Due to the tension, the lovers take their own lives and the families are left heartbroken Mercutio, unlike Romeo, doesn't believe that dreams can act as portents.

We have just ended on a happy note in Act 2.

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For family or for love, many of the main characters die or kill to stay loyal to the ones they care about. His strong sense of humour often turns into bawdy innuendos; "open arse and thou a poperin pear," as he teases Romeo the romantic This variation is intended to be, and is what makes them comical characters. He acts as a significant character in terms of plot advancement; but more importantly, Mercutio himself is a fascinating man in many aspects. To understand the rest of the statement, one also has to look at the difference between a comedy and a tragedy. Mercutio is outraged and challenges Tybalt. In the classic tale of two "star cross'd lovers", Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare dabbles with both the comic and tragic genres Prologue, Line 6. Fairies predominate in the dream world Mercutio presents, and dreams are merely the result of the anxieties and desires of those who sleep. He was hoping to end feud between housed Montague and Capulets based on great-unnamed offense that set two familiar apart. Pay close attention to act 3, scene 1 in your answer. When I began revising, I realized that the focus of the paper needed to be narrowed and focused more on the play Arcadia, in which Thomasina is the exception to the types of women characters stereotypically portrayed in drama.
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