Han china classical athens dbq essay

Han china classical athens dbq essay

Although in China the child was assassinated because of economical issues in Athens it was assassinated because of its physical abilities. However, is it true? Classical Athens was a small city-state in Greece, on the Mediterranean Sea. During the Han Dynasty. In Athens, if the child makes it through the first night, he or she is to be kept from being abandon document N. This lead to the conclusion that even under stable political and economic conditions an infants life was not preserved. The women had to obey their husbands and do as they were told. The two civilizations are different not just for their locations but also population distribution, government, society treatments, and culture. In their government, everyone had a say. Their form of government was different because Han China had an emperor and Classical Athens ran a democracy. Also in both empires the women had roles that were very much alike and were viewed in a similar manner. He was known as emperor Gao. It lasted from BC up until AD.

When it came to the children both Classical Athens and Han China the murder of a child was justified. Since at this time in China many people were in the lower classes one can assume that it was normal that woman had left her child to die because she would not have been able to raise it and keep it living for long.

In India, China, and Persia in particular, one could see the influence of religion and philosophy on the political and social structure of the time. In Classical Athens they had a more self-governed government whereas for Han China the emperor controlled governed everything.

Within the background information of both Athens and Han China you can automatically notice evident differences between the two.

On the other hand, the Han Empire had a monarch ruled over them Online. Classical Athens and Han China were different due to their forms of government, the relationship between the individual and the state, their views on man and nature and their background information.

Essay on A Comparison of the Values of Classical India, China, and Persia - A Comparison of the Values of Classical India, China, and Persia During the era known as the time of the classical civilizations, there were numerous noticeable changes occurring in many civilizations and city-states around the world.

In both Classical Athens and Han China infanticide was not strange.

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These made life very different for ordinary citizens. The second and third documents show the differences in size and distribution of the population in both empires. Also women in both Empires played a similar role in society.

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He ruled over the Han from until BC. So these two civilizations, Classical Athens and Han China, were different in many ways. The second and third documents show the differences in size and distribution of the population in both empires. D and Eastern Han dynasty 25— A. In both Han Empire and Classical Athens society, women and children were treated poorly. The Athenians had a democratic government that they believed to be original …show more content… The ruler in Athens controls with the people but in China the emperor controls all. In Acient Athens they wanted the people to be satisfied with their rulers, which they got to vote for, but also expected them to follow the laws that were made and were also madet7 part of making decisions in their community. Of course these two civilizations have many differences, one is located in the west and the other is located in the east. Their women had to be humble, must be diligent, and must be continuing the sacrifices. The first document shows the maps of both empires side by side. The postclassical era gave rise to the rapid expansion of Buddhism in China, with its promise of Nirvana in a time of chaos, which in turn led to both negative reactions from adherents of Confucianism and positive reactions as expressed through a more unified society and new art forms In Athens they needed strong people to make up their armies so they did not want any weak children. An Athenian citizen, however, had more power and control in his life and government. It was at its height in the 5th century BCE. These can be categorized into four different groupings.

The main difference between the Han Empire and Classical Athens is their population distribution.

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Han China and Classical Athens Dbq Essay