Grandma influenced me

Since birth the one person that was always by my side except for my family was my Grandma.

the most important person in my life is my grandmother

My grandma Roslyn is my dad's mother and they grew up in a completely different way then my mom, my sister and I did. They moved closer to us when I was a teenager, and although they traveled a lot, I did get to spend more time with them, and even traveled with them some.

How did she impact you?

essay about grandma

I hope to deliver my own gratitude for her, as well as for others in the same manner. Another example of fears influence on me happens every time I go Wakeboarding, when ever I try to so something new I usually get hurt really bad Reflective Writing 1 words - 5 pages knew that I had not lived up to my full potential.

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She would come on Christmas Eve and have dinner and we would have a grand night and she would stay over and the next morning we would all wake up early and have a wonderful Christmas day together.

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How My Grandmother Influenced My Life