Compare contrast essay street car named desire

streetcar named desire film vs book

She accepts certain facts whereas Blanche fabricates ways around them. They fall out and fight it seems on a regular basis, but they are inexplicably attracted back to each other.

He works in the grease and muck and does not see it necessary to clean himself as often as Blanche, and yet she washes herself constantly. Blanche instead finds herself as a heartbroken, penniless victim of rape. The problem is that Williams never lets the two women work through these problems and move on.

She regrets telling Alan that he disgusted her and she defends her picture of him in an act of defiance against Stanley.

compare and contrast blanche and stella

Blanche had been a schoolteacher, married Allan, a man she later discovered to be gay. He was often engaged with violent argume She bathes a lot, and this frustrates Stanley.

Compare contrast essay street car named desire

Related Papers. A Streetcar Named Desire is entirely focused on Blanche and her delusions. Lonely, she becomes a prostitute, who loses her teaching career when her sexual relationship with a teenager is found out.

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A Streetcar Named Desire: Emphasis on the Contrast Between the Masculine and Feminine essays