Agents of the apocalypse

There is but one answer.

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Her husband quickly followed, as did four other members. He hobbled down to the shore and climbed onto a promontory that was strewn with boulders. This was a fragile moment, and they all knew it.

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As the six scrambled out the door, the officer strode toward John. Or will we turn our backs on the One who gave us the greatest gift of love in history?

Yet in spite of his shredded back, the filthy conditions, and the meager food portions, John never cursed his guard. And now that I see it on the horizon, I welcome it with all my heart.

I urge all of you, my dear brothers and sisters, to remain steadfast and true to Christ, no matter the cost. The soldier, impressed by John's perseverance, began to slip additional food to him. The only law was self-preservation and survival. We should look on this coming trial as a great honor. David wrote many of the psalms while fleeing from the murderous King Saul. In fact, he positively radiated joy. For several days he lay there suspended between life and death. His face was as red as wine, and his eyes blazed with anger.

Nothing was said about those who were missing, but the morning prayer included a petition that all would regain their courage and stand fast.

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Agents of the Apocalypse: A Riveting Look at the Key Players of the End Times by David Jeremiah