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Powder — Review Pure energy has a name. He pauses in the gym to stare at a male student washing, noticing the latter's luxurious head of hair as well as body hair which he himself lacks, and is caught at it by John Box, who accuses him of homosexuality.

Jessie Caldwell Mary Steenburgena child services psychologist, takes him to a boys' home because he is now effectively a ward of the state. Could he have been a messenger from beyond the stars to serve as an example for oneness or humanity?

Of course we get predictable scenes involving the school bullies, but after Powder performs a neat trick magnetizing all the spoons in the dining room and creating a pyramid while mashed potatoes are still dripping from themyou'd think the bullies would take heed.

Plot[ edit ] Jeremy "Powder" Reed Sean Patrick Flanery is a young albino man who has incredible intellect and is able to sense the thoughts of the people around him.

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Jeremy lived in the basement and worked on their farm, never leaving their property and learning everything he knew from books. Sometimes the movie gets all the emotions absolutely right and audiences will be deeply touched. If you can, I need your help.

He is also very smart. Powder has supernatural powers, such as telepathy and manipulation of electromagnetic forces.

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Highly recommended. With his pale skin and abnormal eye color, he was kept in the basement and allowed to work on their farm, but never roamed past their property in fear of the rest of the community. Throughout history, people have often feared the unknown and persecuted those that went against the status quo. Opinion about the main character: It's sad because it shows the reality that no matter how good Powder is, people will always judge him for his appearance. Powder manifests his abilities which astound the people around him. In the end, feeling isolated and rejected by society, Powder retreats to his grandparent's home, while his closest friends try to reason with him. The most unintentionally funny line of the movie is uttered by someone from the state education bureaucracy when confronted by test scores that are off the charts: "You have the most advanced intellect in the history of humankind," the actor says to a guy wearing white body paint and eyeliner. Actors: Sean Patrick Flannery, Mary Steenburgen Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Powder Powder is an albino teen, found living in the basement of his deceased grandparent's home. His appearance and his abilities make him an outsider, and he is often bullied. Totally isolated, he reads and memorizes thousands of books, invents mechanical gizmos, and thinks deep thoughts.

His closest circle is Jessie, his Physics teacher, the town Sheriff, and a pretty girl Lindsey. Jeremy is born prematurely when his mother is struck by lightening and subsequently dies. Before the interruption, he tells Lindsey that he can see the truth about people: that they are scared and feel disconnected from the rest of the world but in truth are all connected to everything that exists.

Sadly, since he is an outcast, Lindsey's father tears them apart.

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